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It’s a big step, making the leap into on-line collaboration after a period away from creating music. Having found a site and subscribed, you quickly realise how much talent is out there. You also get a sense of working relationships being formed, at a distance.

I’d uploaded a few tracks and contributed to others, with varying degrees of success. However, perhaps harking back to my days of playing in a ‘real’ band, I craved the opportunity to work with a small group of likeminded people, developing some kind of relationship that might mean moving me beyond each song being a one-off project.

As it was, at the end of January 2015, I was ‘invited’ to contribute to a track, which became ‘The beast in me’ by two lads calling themselves ‘Broken Losers’. You have to remember that, at this point, I knew nothing about them, other than what was in their biog and through listening to what else they had worked on (which was not a lot). Still, the omens are always good when you are invited to participate, because it means that there is something about what you do that they rate. I then found that others had been invited, Aaron from USA (known as ZeroFill) and Cris (AudioAgenda, as was).

Curiosity means that you quickly check the work of your fellow collaborators; Aaron had put tracks of his own together and was very much the vocalist. Cris’s strengths were on the production side. Whether by luck or judgement, it all came together and felt reasonably cohesive. The track got completed relatively quickly and there appeared to be sufficient common ground to have another go. A lot has changed since then, both in terms of core membership, roles and our use of technology, but at the time of writing we’ve produced around 20 tracks, with more in the pipeline.