Not In Control Artwork

Not In Control Artwork

Before I became involved with FTM, I was working on an industrial punk themed project of my own, while also producing some satirical cartoons for my own website. David and I have known each other for a few years, and I had shared with him some of the art work I was producing. He asked if I would be interested in producing some art work to accompany an EP that he, and FTM, where producing.

We were aware that we had a similar taste in music, and when he described the style of music FTM were producing, I was was keen to get involved, thinking that my current art style would lend it self well to their music.

Having listened to the songs, being briefed on the title of the EP, ‘Not In Control’, and the band name ‘Fighting This Monster’, I was soon sketching out ideas. I asked David what this monster was that he and the band were fighting, he simply explained that ‘we all have our own monsters…’

I soon had this idea of some deranged monster taking control of this man, not by possessing him, but quite literally with strings like a puppet. The concept worked well with both the EP title and the band name, so I thrashed out a few sketches in pencil. Trying to do something different to what I typically was producing at the time felt disjointed, so I resorted to the “Da Vinci Punk” theme I had been working with before. It worked together quite well. The physical link provided by the strings allowed the man to fight back, making a stand against this seemingly powerful influential force.

The sketches were received well by all in FTM, (I’m sure this was because I was working for free!) and I moved on to developing the artwork with another familiar medium to me,  marker pens. I was using Letraset Tria pens at the time, and Edding fine liners.

The monster and the man on the strings, (an image that always made me wonder if the man was a puppet, or the monster was some kind of elaborate kite) was soon worked up in ink, but for the background I had an idea that was inspired by a computer game. To achieve this effect I realised I needed to go digital, and then super impose the monster and man puppet image.

The great advantage of working digitally is being able to tweak the colours, and once this was complete, the image was presented to the band and met with a positive, encouraging and inspiring response.

And yet the oddest and most incredible thing still remained, that despite the integrity, the passion, and the amount of excellent work to come out of FTM, neither of us had, and have still not, actually met more than one other member of band.