New Dark Age

New Dark Age – Fighting This Monster

This wasn’t a song directly about Brexit, but it was being written going into the vote in the UK.  At the same time, debates were taking place in the USA about Donald Trump’s potential leadership campaign to be President.

I’ve always had a fascination with political ideas and how they shape the messages that are given to us.  Clearer, throughout history, there are those who have seized upon a given set of circumstances and had the ability to persuade others about the path to follow, sometimes for good and other times with extreme consequences.

The lyrics reflect a feeling that traditional politics are slowly being rejected, but it’s not certain what will replace them.  It’s not supposed to be pessimistic, but asks the question about what comes next – and whether we are headed towards a time that makes it more likely that those with more extreme ideologies will capture the hearts and minds of more and more people.

Written & produced by Fighting This Monster.
Mixed & mastered by Chris Sabater, Crescent Moon Studio, London.
Art work by Alun Rees,